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1&1 Internet.com offers to its clients competitive prices, innovative products, reliability, and quality. Over 9.5 million clients have used the services of this hosting company, and 2,500 people join them every day. Since its first year in business 12 years ago, 1&1 Internet.com has been offering its affordable web-based solutions to medium-sized and small companies, entrepreneurs, home-based users, and small offices. Moreover, the company operates more than 70,000 servers, together with Cisco and Juniper servers. Being among the few Microsoft Joint Development Partners, 1&1 Internet.com has recently become a Gold level partner. The company is a trusted associate of some blue chip companies like Google, HP/Compaq, Symantec, and Plesk, thus offering top products at affordable prices.

Looking at 1&1 Internet.com reviews, the company offers competitive hosting plans, and clients can take advantage of the great 1&1 Internet.com discount options available for its hosting plans. Five plans are available: 1&1 Beginner, 1&1 Home, 1&1 Business, 1&1 Business Pro, and 1&1 Professional. The first plan costs just 2.49 a month, coming with web space of 5 GB, unlimited monthly traffic, 1000 IMAP/ POP3 email accounts, and other features. MySQL databases are not included. The 1&1 Home hosting plan is offered with a larger disc space of 10 GB, unlimited traffic, 1500 IMAP/ POP3 accounts, and one MySQL database. The first six months come for free, and clients pay 4.99 a month afterwards. The 1&1 Business plan is featured with a disc space of 40 GB, some 3000 IMAP/ POP3 accounts, and 10 MySQL databases. Again, the first six months cost 0.00, and clients pay 9.99 after the promotional period.

Free months go with the Business Pro and 1&1 Professional as well. The first costs 14.99 a month and includes 100 GB of disc space, 5000 IMAP/ POP3 accounts, and 100 MySQL databases. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is offered for free while its regular price is at 479. Finally, the 1&1 Professional comes with 250 GB of disc space, 10,000 IMAP/ POP3 accounts, and 200 MySQL databases. The price is 24.99 a month, including 10 domains. The 1&1 Beginner goes with an iStockphoto image library. The other hosting plans are featured with a variety of site building tools such as 1&1 Blog, Run-to-Run CGI Library, and Zend Framework.

Clients who look for 1&1 Internet.com review of server solutions will be happy to find that the company offers virtual servers, dynamic cloud servers, and dedicated servers. Virtual servers, for example, come in three types: virtual server L, virtual server XL, and virtual server XXL. The latter goes with up to 8192 MB and unlimited traffic.

In addition to these products, the company offers three eShops: 1&1 Business eShop, 1&1 Business Pro eShop, and 1&1 Professional. The professional version is featured with 2,000 categories and 20,000 items, the Business Pro option comes with 200 categories and 2,000 items, and the Business eShop contains 100 categories and 1,000 items. 1&1 Professional and the Business Pro eShop go with stock management and base price calculation tools, as well as URL and logo of manufacturer and product codes.

If you are not convinced yet, the comprehensive customer support they offer will make you look for an 1&1 Internet.com coupon. Clients have at their disposal a FAQ section, expert 24/7 technical support, express email support, and information by phone.