Access Hosting

MS Access hosting can be used for low-traffic website running on Windows OS. If you expect that your website will have more than 10 simultaneous connection to your database, then MS Access hosting is not for you. In such case you will be better off using a more robust database server like MySQL hosting or SQL Server Hosting.

Most Windows shared hosts offer MS Access hosting at no additional charge (itís included in the whatever price you are paying for the hosting account). If you have a brand new website and donít want to start spending money of SQL Server hosting right away, then MS Access database might be the right solution for you. Once you start getting more visitors, you can relatively painlessly transition your database from Access to SQL Server. Moving MS Access database to MySQL, might be a little more challenging.

As MS Access databases are file-based, the space they take is usually part of your hosting plan web space quota. One important consideration when looking at Access hosting is if the host offers a special folder for your access database that is not accessible through a web browser. For example if you put your Access database in the root folder of your website, anybody that knows the name of your db can download it by simply typing in their browser. Now this is not very secure, is it?

Thereís no point of discussing dedicated Access hosting, as if you need a performance SQL hosting running on its own dedicated server, you wonít be considering Access at all.

You can use MS Access as database solution for your website on Windows OS only, so plan accordingly.

In conclusion, use MS Access hosting only if you run a small site that is not critical to your business. For anything else look for a real SQL database server.

We have reviewed several webhosts offering MS Access webhosting, and you can read our reviews below. Our SQL hosting database contains many Windows hosts and most of them offer Access hosting. By searching our database, you can find Microsoft Access hosting plans fit your budget.