ASP.NET Web Hosting

ASP.NET web hosting provides users with administration tools that can be used to configure and maintain the administration of websites that have been created with Microsoft’s Visual Studio software. When using the ASP.NET software, developers and users can access the ASP.NET web hosting control panel. ASP web hosting tools include administration of site security, administration of applications, administration of provider information and administration of internal tools specific to the website being developed. Regardless of the type of hosting, shared Windows hosting, Windows managed hosting, Windows VPS hosting or Windows dedicated hosting, the ASP.NET administration tools are available for website construction and maintenance.

The administrative security portion of ASP.NET web hosting allows users to create other users that are allowed to have access to the web administration system. Those users authorized to access the administrative tools can also group all users into different roles and allow individual levels of access. The security system is intended to simplify the authentication and authorization of users with optimum efficiency. In contrast to those systems that use code-based authentication systems require a significant amount of cost, time and technical knowledge. The website administration tools appear as multiple tabs within the software, which makes administration simplified and easy to maintain.

Applications administration allows users to create setting options which interact with the application configuration file of the website. This allows users to set specific application settings, enable or disable code debugging and code tracing along with other uses.

The provider administration portion of the ASP.NET web hosting software provides the database management rules for membership and role authorizations for website visitors and administrators. The provider administration role of the software is to store membership information in an SQL database or an Oracle database, depending on the hosting software. The administrative user of the website can store data only related to ASP.NET database members or they can use other database information to identify users. There are other internal tools specific to ASP.NET web hosting that can make accessing the entire group ASP.NET web hosting features a single click process.

It is possible to access the features of ASP.NET web hosted sites through programming via the Security.Web.Security access log. There are individual classes within the programming code, such as Membership and Roles, which allow the storage, access and modification of user information. There are three methods through ASP.NET web hosting which allow user authentication including Membership ValidateUser code, FormsAuthentication.Authenticate and AuthorizeRequest page-based authentication.

ASP.NET is a highly flexible method for web development and management. With a Windows based interaction, most website builders and administrators can utilize this type of hosting. In additional to traditional shared Windows hosting, ASP.NET software can be used with more specialized Windows managed hosting, Windows VPS hosting and Windows dedicated hosting. Web developers and administrators can utilize ASP.NET administration tools to ensure their website safety and security as well.