Bluehost Review is one of America’s top hosting providers, offering a variety of database solutions. The company has been working with individuals and businesses since 1996, upgrading and diversifying its services at no added cost to the customers. Furthermore, BlueHost runs its own datacenter, servers, and a nationwide fiber network, together with a custom linux kernel. The company’s facilities include headquarters on fifty thousand square feet, including secondary data centers which cover over twenty thousand square feet. BlueHost provides 10 gigabit fiber connections, diesel generators, and UPS power, servicing households and businesses around the globe. The company’s clients can be assured that they won’t have to call five different companies before their problem is paid attention to and sorted out.

At a first glance, BlueHost attracts the customer’s attention with its user-friendly and easily-accessible website. Their contact details are not hidden behind a myriad of dry mouse-clicks but placed right before the visitor’s eyes. What gives BlueHost a certain edge over their market rivals is the fact that they launched a demo version of the X-skin-based control panel.

The password of BlueHost’s success

In a nutshell, the key to BlueHost’s market success boils down to one simple word - unlimited. According to their latest offer, clients can get an unlimited domain hosting and hosting space, unlimited GB file transfer and as many email accounts as they need, whatever their use might be. However, the company offers just 100 databases for MySQL. This issue might be considered a drawback by some, but BlueHost has tried to compensate it with, again, unlimited numbers of add-on domains and sub-domains.

Other Features

Some features that are worth mentioning include BlueHost’s unique terms of service, which do not bombard the customer with heavy legal argot, but rather highlight the most important aspects of the contract, along with their extremely helpful 24/7 customer care centre, and an easy to use control panel. Among the important and, undeniably, very helpful add-ons are a reliable domain manager, a flawless site-builder and a set of convenient account management options. The script installation is unproblematic and generally requires little experience, while the real version of the control panel (or just the c-panel for short) is really hard working.

Another advantage of BlueHost over the competition is their unique remote MySQL database access. It is especially helpful if you plan to set up a rather complex website network that requires secure interchangeable access. However, the remote MySQL access does not run on every control panel; so, if you insist on having this feature, you should opt for a c-panel or vdeck hosting services, as they both support it. As BlueHost mostly offers control panels of the former type, you can easily set up a remote MySQL database access once you log into your hosting account. Note that it is your own responsibility to safeguard your MySQL database from unauthorized access or hacking attempts. Make sure you grant access to specific IP addresses only and remove them when you are not using the service anymore.