cPanel Hosting - cPanel Web Hosting

The shared hosting control panel, known as CPanel, functions with Unix based operating systems and allows website administrators access to maintain their website. CPanel uses automation tools and a graphical interface which are intended to make the administration of a website easier. CPanel’s three tier structure offers functionality for all groups who utilize the web, from the end-user site owner to resellers and web hosting administrators. All of these groups are able, through CPanel hosting, to control the different features of a website via a simple web browser screen.

Although CPanel hosting is designed to operate as a dedicated server for web hosting, or as a virtual private server, it can also function with shared hosting options. CPanel supports Linux RedHat, FreeBSD and CentOS which are all operating systems designed to work with dedicated or virtual private servers. As is common with other shared hosting options, CPanel works with application based add-ons such as MySQL, Apache, Perl, PHP and BIND. It also supports IMAP, SMTP and POP3 email support to add functionality to a website.

Shared hosting offers many opportunities for website owners to interact with their customers on a one-to-one basis. Utilizing CPanel administration makes the process of creating a highly interactive website easier to plan and manage. For clients, CPanel provides access for many of the common operations involved with the processes of managing a website on a shared hosting server. For an additional fee, auto installers which are bundles of script that make the installation and update of over 100 applications. Common applications include SMF, phpBB, Joomla!, WordPress and Moodle.

In addition to the inherent compatibility with Unix operating systems, CPanel administrative software works with Microsoft Windows under the name Enkompass. Windows Server 2008 was the first version that was supported by Enkompass, with other Windows Server editions following much later. Some of the interface features of Enkompass include the ability for web administrators to run logs that provide information gained from the Analog and AWSTATS statistical analysis portion of the program.

Enkompass, as it works in the CPanel environment, also simplifies file management for servers running on a Windows based operating system. Users are able to access files, add or move files, manage and create FTP accounts and access information regarding disk space usage. As with the Linux version of CPanel software, users access all of the necessary information to maintain their hosting administration through a web browser style interface. In addition to FTP account management, users can easily add or manage sub-domains, add-on domains, redirects and parked domains.

With the ability to interface with both Linux operating systems and Windows based operating systems, CPanel software has the versatility to provide easy to use hosting management capabilities for all users. With the available add-ons and upgrade, found directly from CPanel and other licensed distributors, web administrators are not limited in their ability to manage multiple users, FTP accounts or domains. CPanel is not free software for hosting companies, however non-profit and educational institutions can gain the software directly from CPanel at a reduced cost or free, depending on the institution.