Database Hosting

Database hosting is not for everyone who owns a website, but it is a useful service to consider when running some database-intensive applications. By definition, database hosting is a type of service designed to provide servers that are dedicated to databases or database applications – although it can also incorporate website hosting on certain occasions. This type of Internet hosting is useful when running programs such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) applications. In order to speed up the reliability of these applications as well as other “memory-greedy” applications, clients turn to database hosting as a solution.

Since database servers are designed to offer faster access to data, they require more RAM than regular web hosting servers. RAM pulls out data ten times faster than getting it from a hard disk. Let’s take Google searches for example. A single search on Google can be pulled out in less than half a second due to the extensive 3 trillion pages in its database. In order to keep up this pace, relational databases require a managed server or servers that are dedicated to managing such huge amounts of data.

Common Types of Database Systems

Database systems are designed to offer organized data storage in tables (rows and columns) similar to that in Microsoft Excel. These data management systems allow users to pull out data from the server much faster and in a more organized manner. Comments, blog posts, and other updated information require the use of a database. The most common types of database systems include MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

MySQL is certainly the most popular type of database system used today. It is not only powerful but also free to use, while its popularity can be explained with its ease of installation and extensive support to many types of operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). This type of system is usually used for high-traffic websites.

MS SQL Server is another popular database system for servers under Windows, but it does not come free. The system is designed to create desktop database, enterprise, and web systems. It allows users to store various file types such as videos, graphics, text, pictures, etc. MS SQL is also designed to handle data in terra bytes, in comparison to just 1 gigabyte of data offered by MS Access, another database system designed by Microsoft.

PostgreSQL is typically used by website domain names like .org and .info as well as by various large companies and financial institutions. Although not the common type of database for general projects, it is easy to administrate and cheaper to use.

Oracle is a database management system that offers many features to help sort out complicated issues in data storage management. However, it requires in-depth skills and knowledge to handle larger applications.

Why Use a Database Hosting Service

This type of service is required for websites that have tons of data in storage. In order to provide faster retrieval of data from its sources, the service needs to be located on a server with more RAM than usual; hence, the need for database dedicated servers.