Dedicated SQL Hosting

When large companies need to establish and maintain a significant web presence beyond their normal website needs, such as a database or membership site, they usually turn to dedicated webhosting services. A dedicated hosting service hosts the client's web properties on a single dedicated server. There are several advantages to this kind of set-up, the biggest one being is that the client has full control over what operating systems and database programs are used to manage their data. In many cases a dedicated server results in less overhead costs and a much greater return on investment for the client.

If the client is hosting a database like a relational model database, the SQL programming language is one of the most popular languages to use when programming a database. When a popular programming language is combined with a dedicated hosting account, the result is unfettered database access and no danger of overloading or downtime resulting from multiple pending request time-outs. Since dedicated servers running SQL are usually physically placed in data centers with multiple redundant security and utility systems, no matter the server the hosting company needs to recoup their operating costs and make a profit.

Therefore, the typical cost of a dedicated service usually runs into the hundreds of dollars per month. When running an instance of an SQL database on a dedicated server, the key concern is always the amount of traffic versus operational efficiency. There is a possible downside, however: the efficiency of the server can be overloaded by sheer traffic volume.

If the traffic volume to be handled is expected to be very large, dedicated hosting services can negotiate service level agreements with specific network uptime amounts. A networks' 'uptime' is the amount of time the network is running and working properly, as opposed to downtime, which is when traffic cannot go through. Service level agreements help to clarify the nature of the client's relationship with the hosting company. This helps prevent major disagreements and helps ensure smooth, uninterrupted traffic flow.

When comparing different SQL server products, such as MySQL, MS SQL Server and others, it is important to benchmark the performance speed of each one. Performance and uptime are the two most important factors to consider when evaluating server products. MS SQL Server has already set records for performance, including holding all top ten positions according to the TPC-E and positions 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 according to the TPC-H. This fact alone explains why MS SQL Server holds a full sixteen percent of the relational database management system market.

MySQL is fast catching up to MS SQL, however. It recently delivered the best cost per transaction value SPECjAppServer2002 benchmark test. MySQL has also set a world record in transaction costs using the Java application server benchmark.

Dedicated SQL hosting provides the best solution for a business because the SQL programming language, especially recognized heavyweights like MS SQL and MySQL, is capable of incredible performance feats. In addition, dedicated hosting provides a secure environment with a large capacity for data storage. This combined with performance speed ensures the perfect product to meet the needs of any business.