DirectAdmin Hosting - DirectAdmin Web Hosting

The DirectAdmin hosting control panel is one of the most versatile webhosting administrative options available today. Regardless of whether the hosting company is offering shared hosting or dedicated hosting, DirectAdmin provides the same features and flexibility for all users. Some of the features include and easy-to-use interface, programmability for speed, stability to automatically recover from system crashes, multiple customer support forums and flexible licensing options. DirectAdmin only works with hosting companies that are operating on Linux hosting systems including Redhat, all versions, CentOS, FreeBSD and Debian. DirectAdmin will, in most cases, install the software for the hosting company at no additional cost to the licensing fee.

Administration features of the Linux hosting software includes the ability to create and modify reseller accounts, create reseller packages, DNS administration abilities, integrated IP manager, licensing updates, along with featuring system and services information and complete usage statistics for administrators. Administrators of Linux hosting companies can also create predetermined reseller packages and select packages for specific customers with a single click, instead of individually selecting options for each customer. Administrators can also quick view every account on the system and pre-sort the list in multiple ways.

DirectAdmin hosting software also caters to resellers with multiple features for account management. Resellers can create, modify, list and delete accounts quickly and efficiently. As with the administrative options, resellers can offer pre-defined account packages for users, without needing to select options on an individual basis. Resellers are also provided with a total overview of usage, with the ability to sort data by user for an overall view of usage. With DirectAdmin software, resellers can send mass messages to all users from one screen. Linux hosting resellers can also allocate IP addresses to their customers, along with personalizing nameservers for their customers. One of the most visual features for resellers includes the ability to import and manage skins for their administrative panel, allowing the personalization of the administrative system for reseller customers.

General user features for the Linux hosting system with DirectAdmin include the ability to set up and manage IMPAP and POP3 email accounts and FTP account management. Users can catch all e-mail forwards, addresses, autoresponders, mailing lists and webmail. E-mail filters also allow for the blocking of mail by domain, keyword and size. Users can also create FTP accounts, along with setting directory permissions and utilizing anonymous FTP. Users can also take advantage of an advanced statistics menu which includes advanced site options and Webalizer. Sites which utilize Linux hosting and DirectAdmin also provide users with the ability to disable and enable FrontPage extensions for their site.

Licensing options for DirectAdmin include monthly, quarterly, annual and lifetime billing cycles. The monthly licensing fee is $29.00 per month and includes unlimited technical support, automatic upgrades and updates, protection against pricing increases and unlimited domain hosting for resellers. The quarterly licensing fee of $108.00 per quarter includes all of the features of the monthly licensing fee, with the advantage of a 10% discount for services. The annual licensing fee of $200.00 per year also includes the same features, with an approximate 20% discount for customers paying every year. The lifetime license, which runs $299.00 with no recurring billing, includes 90 days of technical support, automatic upgrades and updates and no monthly, quarterly or annual fees. It also allows for unlimited domain hosting and free installation by DirectAdmin.