HELM Hosting - HELM Web Hosting

The HELM hosting control panel was designed very specifically to work with the vastly different styles of hosting businesses on the internet. For Windows hosting applications, the HELM control panel provides significant growth capabilities while dramatically reducing the time it takes to provide support for the software. HELM is flexible enough to provide the needed support for any size company involved in Windows hosting on the web.

Multiple server management capabilities inherent in the HELM hosting control panel allows the addition or removal of servers, depending on the growth rate of the hosting company. HELM can be run from a single server for smaller hosting companies or from thousands of servers for high volume hosting companies. HELM works with all types of hosting companies including those who specialize in Windows shared hosting and Windows dedicated hosting. Most web hosting companies begin small, utilizing only one or two servers for their entire client base. The HELM hosting control panel software allows businesses who start small to grow with their customer base without the aggravation of server downtime or insufficient server space.

An additional benefit of HELM, especially with larger Windows hosting companies, is the ability to consolidate servers into fewer machines. This allows companies to combine their server loads into fewer physical servers, preventing the expense of additional servers that may not be needed. The built-in server manager feature of the software provide efficient server tracking for administration, facilitating the cost saving process of server scaling. Depending on the server load of a specific machine, administrators have the option of adding a server to evenly distribute client data handling across all servers available on the network.

Part of the attractive way HELM evenly distributes client data loads is the utilization of servers on an as-needed basis. This means no servers are overloaded or underused. This also allows administrators at data centers to assign specific servers to specific tasks to evenly provide resources for hosting companies across all available servers.

HELM, when used with any hosting platform including Windows hosting, provides a single control panel for administrators to allows hosting companies to access their customers through one control panel. Even if the hosted sites are setup on remote servers, administrators can access all customer information from their own administrative login at a single location. HELM also provides an integrated messaging system to keep hosting companies in constant contact with their customers. All invoices and payment reminders for hosted sites are sent automatically through HELM, without unnecessary administrator interaction.

HELM allows hosting companies to invoice their customers for any type of, or quantity of, services. It also allows for complex accounting for bundled services, billing customers with a single detailed invoice. HELM also allows, which is convenient for all Windows hosting companies, automatic recurring billing. Invoices can be issued for any billing interval including yearly, monthly, weekly or daily billing cycles. All payment methods are available for processing through the HELM hosting control panel, making payment of invoices convenient for all customers in any global currency.

One of the most important benefits of the HELM hosting control panel is the quality and quantity of reporting available through the panel. Reports are available for domain bandwidth usage, reseller statistics and customer statistics for administrator specified time periods. With SQL server hosting and Widows shared hosting prevalent throughout the internet, the HELM hosting control panel is a flexible and versatile tool in the web hosting administratorís arsenal.