MySQL Hosting

MySQL hosting is the most popular choice for SQL hosting in a shared hosting environment. One of the major benefits of using MySQL is that it runs on both Unix and Windows. MySQL is fast and reliable database server, which can be utilized successfully by websites of all sizes, even ones with 100s of thousands visitors daily.

MySQL is a standard option for most shared web hosts offering Linux OS, and usually thereís no additional charge for using additional databases. High quality web hosts usually limit the number of MySQL databases the user can have in a single hosting account, because database driven websites are resource intensive. Lately many Windows hosting plans include MySQL as a free or a low-cost add-on.

When choosing MySQL hosting provider look for the following information, before signing up. If you plan to host multiple domains/website make sure that the webhost offers enough MySQL database for each of your data driven sites, and that you can create enough MySQL users. Check if the control panel offered by the host, allows for easy management of your MySQL databases. Ask your host if you can manage your MySQL db online using tools like PHPMyAdmin.

If you havenít decided between SQL Server hosting and MySQL hosting, ask yourself the following questions. Which server OS do you prefer Windows or Linux? If you prefer Windows, then we think SQL Server will be a slightly better choice performance wise, however if you will be using Linux hosting, then you choose MySQL. How much am I prepared to spend on SQL hosting? If you have higher budget you can go with Microsoft SQL Server hosting, but if you donít stick with MySQL.

As with any other host make sure that the host you choose has great reputation and offer quick and efficient support via email, online forum, chat and/or phone. If you follow the advice above, chances are that you can find a great MySQL hosting company that you can stick with.

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