Pair Review - Review, Coupon, Discount was founded in 1996, and since its inception gradually progressed in the web hosting industry to provide a plethora of quality services to a broad range of clients. By 1999, the company had outgrown in its original offices and was forced to relocate to Pittsburgh where it has been situated every since. Today, owns its own state-of-the-art datacenters and provides a professional web hosting service complete with 24/7/365 support. Regardless of your status online, whether you're a novice webmaster or a successful entrepreneur, has something that can accommodate your needs. Through experience and expertise, and the use of redundant server systems, is able to ensure maximum uptime and reliability, as well as complete flexibility and control to all of its customers. The following review outlines the main benefits and attributes of their products and services. Products and Services

In this Pair review, the main focus will be to highlight the products, services and overall support offered by Pair currently offers 7 different product lines, which include:

  • Basic Web Hosting
  • eCommerce Tools (site builders, payment processing etc.)
  • Domain Registration (through PairNIC their domain division)
  • High Volume Hosting (for busy sites or webmasters that have hundreds of sites)
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting (offered through Pair VPS their VPS division)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Colocation Hosting
With these product divisions, is able to accurately categorize their customers and provide custom-tailored solutions and support that are unrivaled in the web hosting industry. Being one of the oldest web hosting companies, is also able to offer the aforementioned products at prices that are highly competitive. Coupons and Bonuses

All customers receive somewhat of a bonus when they sign up, regardless of whether they have a coupon. It may be in the form of a Pair discount, or it may be a free domain name with registration (the typical bonus offered when singing up with Pair). A good example of a discount is the triple prepayment discount, which lets the customer save on the total monthly cost of hosting by paying in advance. also publishes coupons online periodically through coupon sites and popular hosting/webmaster forums. These coupons are used by new customers at checkout to receive up to a 30 percent discount in some cases. Support and Stability is committed to providing 24 hour customer support and reliability that is unmatched. By owning their own datacenters, Pair is able to provide redundancy for all servers in the network, ensuring that you never lose data, and that your sites are never down for more than a few minutes. All hosting customers also receive free tools within their control panel that can help them make automatic backups of their server or server partition in just a few simple steps. Through redundancy, professionalism, quality support, and almost 15 years of dedication and experience, is able to compete with nearly any hosting provider in terms of customer satisfaction.