Plesk Hosting - Plesk Web Hosting

Windows Plesk hosting allows web server administrators to perform several functions with Plesk webhosting accounts. Setting up new websites, e-mail accounts, DNS entries and reseller accounts are all features found within the Windows Plesk hosting software. Plesk webhosting software supports two versions of Windows servers, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Within the Plesk software, features are integrated in order to install custom versions of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine.

There are several add-ons that are available through Plesk that are not available with the basic release of the program. The add-ons are designated to interact seamlessly with the Windows Plesk hosting software and include Billing, Sitebuilder and Expand. The billing add-on functions to allow server administrators to provision, manage, acquire and bill recurrently for end-user customers requesting services within the software. Some of the items that can be billed include domain registration, digital certificates and website hosting services. The Expand add-on allows administrators to add and manage multiple servers on a single system for increased customer service and uptime for web customers.

The hosting management experience with Windows Plesk hosting is simplified through an easy-to-use end-user control panel that works to reduce support costs for hosting companies offering service through Plesk. The software also contains a separate administrator interface which has been designed and optimized for business and server management. Plesk webhosting is made easier through shared hosting functions found in their Power-User mode for business functions. Plesk also provides administrators with a full view of their server health, simplifying the process of troubleshooting server errors through automatic notifications and alarms.

One of the benefits of utilizing Windows Plesk hosting and Plesk reseller hosting is the ability to process faster upgrades with ease. Plesk offers better protection in relation to source inconsistencies with the software able to analyze the computing environment and solve any source code conflicts as they occur. The database contained with Plesk also features a rollback code to allow quicker recovery from problems that occur on the server.

In addition to supplying versatile software for web hosting solutions, Plesk also provides multi-lingual support for its customers. Customers globally who speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese can all contact Plesk support for answers to their questions. Administration is also simplified through a single sign-on feature for administrators, eliminating multiple sign in IDs and passwords. Windows Plesk hosting also provide a powerful panel for seamless, integrated support for virtual private server situations.

Protection and security is priority with Plesk and the software support the random generation of passwords, with a password strength indicator, to buffer the software against hacker attacks. The FastCGI feature also allows administrators to isolate sites within a shared hosting environment to limit the resources to each user, which increases the overall uptime of servers and prevents systems crashes. Plesk also offers flexible hosting options to support growth plans for hosting companies. Features of hosting options include hosting for multiple domains, and the ability to assign multiple add-on plans to user subscriptions.