PostgreSQL Hosting

Individuals, who are seeking web site information storage, may employ the use of PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is a web hosting relational database often utilized by developers to keep track of information that is collected via websites on the web. Companies possess tons of information about clients, employees, projects and other pertinent information that must be managed via a database. A typical database consists of numerous tables for data storage. The information is sorted in rows and columns each designated with the appropriate category. Databases are an organized and preferred method of storing data, because databases are easily accessible and easily edited. Furthermore, the content of a database may be easily transferred to a web application. Companies desire extensive, highly developed databases that have the ability to monitor and manipulate conversions, data types, domains, operators, indexes, and functions. PostgreSQL web hosting optimizes performance through the use of partial indices, increased speed, queries broken into small loops, larger memory and other features. PostgreSQL hosting is based off of the database management system.

What Operating Systems support PostgreSQL Databases?

Several operating systems can host PostgreSQL databases. Most Unix-compatible platforms are able to run PostgreSQL. Sun platforms and Microsoft Windows NT-based operating systems also support PostgreSQL. Specifically, Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008 each can run PostgreSQL Server.

Comparison between PostgreSQL Hosting and Other SQL Hosting Servers

Selecting a database server is often difficult, because every database server is not compatible with every operating system. For instance, you canít run MS SQL Server on a Linux based OS. In contrast, PostgreSQL is compatible with Windows and UNIX based OS.

PostgreSQL database hosting allows accessibility to many built-in features. PostgreSQL supports functional and partial indexes, whereas some other database options do not. Another advantage of PostgreSQL is that it supports aggregate functions in C, SQL, and PLSQL. Other database hosting services, such as MySQL and SQL Server can only perform certain functions in specific languages.

Differences between Dedicated and Shared PostgreSQL Hosting

Dedicated PostgreSQL hosting is a preferred form of web hosting. Many companies are weary of the data security issues that may be associated with shared server hosting. Most large companies, with a plethora of sensitive data, will opt for dedicated server hosting rather than shared PostgreSQL server hosting. Dedicated PostgreSQL hosting is also more customizable for a particular company.

Shared PostgreSQL hosting may require sharing IP addresses and other server resources with many other customers hosting web pages on the same server. Dedicated PostgreSQL may have 1 or more IP addresses dedicated to a particular company on one or more servers.

PostgreSQL Hosting Costs

In general, shared PostgreSQL hosting costs are more affordable than dedicated PostgreSQL hosting cost. Many hosting companies will offer PostgreSQL hosting without cost to the consumer. Most times this consists of shared hosting, rather than dedicated customizable usage. Only companies who need very little bandwidth and support can typically utilize the free solutions. Some hosting costs are as little as $4 per month.