Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a type of hosting service that allows the account owner to use their hard drive and bandwidth space they have purchased to host websites for third parties. Essentially, the reseller webhosting service purchases the services of the main webhost wholesale and then sells them to individual parties for their website needs. This is usually done for a profit; however, some reseller hosts have purchased enough bandwidth to be able to offer space to the third party at a discounted rate. The opportunity for reseller entrepreneurs to find cheap reseller hosting only requires a little research on the part of the reseller.

Some reseller web hosting companies rent a dedicated server to provide enough bandwidth for their customers, others resell shared hosting services. The most common businesses that act as reseller hosting companies are web design firms, web developers and systems integrators. The majority of reseller webhosting plans allow the reseller to set their own pricing structure and service plans. Resellers often use the opportunity as a web host to establish their company brand via customized cPanel reseller hosting. By customizing the control panel for the third party customers, the reseller is established as the service provider contact.

One of the benefits to competing in the hosting market as a web hosting reseller is there is no requirement past general knowledge of the technical aspect of the internet. In most cases, the data center operator is entirely responsible for maintaining all of the infrastructure and hardware associated with the web servers. It also does not require a large initial investment for equipment and technicians. Another benefit is, with proper investigation into primary hosting companies, someone looking to get into the reseller web hosting business can locate cheap reseller hosting that does not require a large initial investment for bandwidth.

The reseller is only responsible for interfacing with their own customers, with any software, hardware or connectivity issues directed back to the service the reseller purchased their plan from. Reseller hosting is one of the least expensive ways for an entrepreneur interest in hosting to break into the business. Resellers generally manage their customer account through the use of a control panel interface; normally created with click and point ease for the end customer. Some of the most popular control panels for resellers to utilize with their customers are WHM/cPanel, which is Unix based, Plesk, which operates on both Windows and Unix, DirectAdmin, Webmin, which is Unix based and H-sphere.

The majority of expense involved with reseller web hosting is spent for advertising to compete with the large number of resellers in the market. New reseller web hosting companies often devote large portions of their budget to drawing in new customers and beating out the competition. Because every website needs to be hosted, the reseller web hosting business is one of the largest online businesses in the world.