Shared SQL Hosting

Shared SQL hosting is a hosting service that offers one or more types of databases MySQL, Micrtosoft SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, PostgrSQL, etc. While some websites do not need a SQL server host, sites with complicated database applications require the use of a SQL server. This type is designed to provide an easy access to files on a database.

The main difference between a regular web hosting server and a SQL server is the availability of RAM. Since database servers require faster speeds, SQL servers are packed with more RAM to enable faster data retrieval.

There are two types of SQL server hosting services available for website owners today shared and dedicated. A shared SQL hosting will offer SQL servers at a cheaper price, but they will be used together with other users. Before delving into the difference between a shared and a dedicated SQL hosting, here are some of the most common hosting databases:


This service provides access to a variety of databases. It is a very popular database system that supports BSD, Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. The service is usually associated and used along with the programming language PHP. Startup companies typically opt for My SQL due to its low cost and ease if installation.

Microsoft SQL Server

This system features easy management in terabytes instead of gigabytes and therefore is much faster than its Microsoft database sister, MS Access. The system allows easy storage of large files whether these are images, text, videos, etc.


As a relational database management system, it is usually used as a back-end data management tool. Often preferred by the huge companies and domain name registries such as .info and .org, this system allows easy administration at a cheap price.


This database system is a leading commercial DMBS. It is available in various configurations, ranging from small versions for personal use to extended ones for enterprise applications. Oracle also excels in solving many complicated problems related to database management. However, due to its many complicated problem solving capabilities, it requires in-depth knowledge and skills when dealing with large-scale projects.

Other SQL Database Systems

While those mentioned above are favorites of many users, there are other database management systems designed to perform the same function. These include the following: Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, SQLite, and Firebird.

Shared vs Dedicated SQL Hosting

SQL hosting can be divided into two types: shared and dedicated. Shared SQL hosting is a cheaper choice compared to dedicated hosting, but it does have its limitations. While its cost is quite low, it provides limited storage and bandwidth as it is shared by other users. This option is good for startup businesses or for small scale data storage only.

It is recommended that you shift to dedicated SQL hosting if shared hosting is not adequate for the storage requirements that you have. This service comes with higher fees, but it is reasonable: the user has sole access to the server/s as well as a total control over them.