SQL Server Hosting

If you want truly scalable and high-performance SQL hosting in Windows environment, then your natural choice will be Microsoft SQL Server hosting. The latest version of MS SQL Server available on the market is MS SQL Server 2008, however for most websites you can also use SQL Server 2005 and even SQL Server 2000 for SQL hosting. When choosing SQL server hosting provider, you need to be aware a several things. First check if the host charges an additional fee for the database. For example a web host can offer you 2GB web space, 40GB/month bandwidth and 1 MS SQL Server database included for $15 per month, while second host can offer you the same web space and bandwidth for only $8 monthly, however they may charge additional $20/month for SQL server database. Another thing you need to know if there are any limitations on the database size of your SQL hosting plan, and if the space used by your SQL server db is included in your total web space quota. If you need more than one SQL users for your database, make sure that the hosting company offers that and doesnít charge you additional fee. Before ordering SQL hosting plan ask the host if they allow remote connections to your database via SQL Server Enterprise Manager or SQL management Studio and if they offer a web based SQL management tool.

All we discussed so far assumed that you were looking for shared SQL Server hosting, however if you have a mission critical website, you may want to consider getting a dedicated SQL Server. With dedicated SQL Server hosting you have several choices. You can lease a fully managed SQL server from a web host specializing in database solutions, you can lease a SQL server and manage it yourself (or hire somebody to do it for you) or you can collocate your own physical server (with SQL server installed) in a data center. We highly recommend to go for a fully managed SQL Server hosting solution if you donít have the expertise and the resource to manage it yourself.

If you decide to use SQL Server hosting make sure that you are comfortable working and developing sites running on Windows and IIS.

We have reviewed several webhosts offering SQL Server hosting (both shared and dedicated), and you can read our reviews below. You can also search our database, to find a SQL hosting company that offers plan fitting your needs and budget.