Windows Hosting - Windows Web Hosting

With all of the web hosting companies available for website, one of the most frequently asked questions is which operating system is the best for hosting servers, creating the battle of Linux vs. Windows hosting. While no operating system is essentially better than another, Linux and Windows are two of the most common operating systems for hosting servers. Cheap Windows hosting is just as prevalent as affordable Linux hosting, regardless of the location of the hosting company.

There are a few major differences between the types of operating systems, as well as several similarities. Both the Windows hosting control panel and the Linux hosting system allows access to web pages via FTP, or file transfer protocol, for uploading and maintaining web pages. Linux, however, also offers telnet and SSH access for their clients. Though it is possible to set up telnet access for a Windows hosting control panel, there are very few administrators in charge of hosting companies that offer this service. Certainly, when investing in cheap Windows hosting, there will be no telnet access to maintain and upload web pages.

In the world of web hosting, including cheap Linux webhosting and cheap Windows hosting, there is essentially no difference between how server operating platforms handle web pages. Both will handle HTML, FrontPage extensions and JavaScript, although not all Linux hosting companies offer handling FrontPage. Both forms of operating software also allow for database server hosting, with Windows only handling ASP hosting and ASP.NET hosting. The Linux alternative for ASP hosting is PHP hosting for website maintenance and scripting. Both operating platforms, however, will handle ColdFusion server-side scripts.

Only Windows web hosting offers the HELM control panel for website building and maintenance, though there are several versions of control panels available with Linux webhosting companies. Windows hosting reseller companies are offering cheap Windows hosting for companies looking for dynamic web page interaction for their customers without a lot of out-of-pocket cost. Windows hosting servers offer the flexibility of maintaining visually attractive web pages while attracting new customers.

Cheap Windows hosting utilizes Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, to provide web visitors with the full details of a website regardless of the type of web browser they are using. This allows for the inclusion of JavaScript and Silverlight components into a website for a fully interactive experience. Windows Silverlight is a plug-in that is visible to all major web browsers and allows visitors to a website to watch imbedded videos and hear imbedded audio in close to real-time. One of the best features of Silverlight is it can also interact with Linux, UNIX and Mac operating platforms.

Regardless of the type of operating platform webhosting companies are utilizing, those looking to host their website should find a company that offers software that is compatible with their own operating systems. Both Linux and Windows webhosting companies have their advantages and disadvantages and, although Windows is currently more popular than Linux, both offer a full range of services for their hosting clients.